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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

What is the purpose of the Regulation 14 Pre-submission consultation?

This is your opportunity to comment on the Consultation Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan before it is submitted to the Local Planning Authority (Hambleton).

Due to a formatting error, part of policy RNP3 was not visible in the document originally published on this website and the wrong map was included as Figure 16. A corrected version was made available on 14 July. No other changes were made and the document as originally published is available on request.

The consultation is a statutory requirement under Regulation 14. It states that before submission a plan must be publicised in the community. Interested parties must be given the opportunity to inspect the plan and make representations for at least 6 weeks. We are consulting on the Plan for 8 weeks.

If the Plan passes the examination process and is approved in a Parish Referendum, it will become part of the statutory development plan for the Parish.

How did we get here?

In 2016, following two public meetings each attended by over 200 residents, the Parish Council decided to start preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. This would enable residents to have influence over future development in the Parish.

You developed your Vision Statement through community workshops.

"The Parish will develop, but retain its unique identity, and be a strong, sustainable rural community with a thriving village at its heart. The village will remain distinct in character from nearby market towns and suburbs."

Almost 400 residents responsed to a questionnaire which gathered information about your preferences and priorities. The evidence base of the Plan has been developed and tested by your participation in a series of workshops and consultation events. Around 1/3 of the adult population of the Parish has participated in the development of the draft plan. Your participation has driven the choices made in reaching this stage.

An earlier version, the Pre-Consultation Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan was circulated to Hambleton and other statutory consultees to get feedback on technical aspects of the proposed polices. It was circulated in March 2020 just before COVID disrupted progress, consequently, it has taken 15 months to get to the consultation stage. Revisions were made taking the feedback, and information arising from Hambleton's Local Plan examination into account. The result of those revisions is the Consultation Draft.

Where can you find more information about the Neighbourhood Plan?

You can access the draft plan and the main supporting documents from this webpage using the links below. Physical copies will be available for inspection at the Hub (North Side, Hutton Rudby) throughout the consultation period. Physical copies and will also be available at the information events.

Further information is available on the Neighbourhood Plan Website

How can you participate in the consultation?

The consulation starts at on Monday 5 July 2021 and closes at midnight on Tuesday, 31 August 2021.

You can comment on the Consultation Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan by:

Completed response forms can be:

When and where will the information events be held?

The events will have a 'drop-in' format and will take place in the main room of the village hall at the following dates and times:

The events will take place under a COVID protocol. Please wear a mask while in the building.

What happens next?

Once the consultation has ended, all comments will be considered and the Neighbourhood Plan will be revised where appropriate. It will then be submitted to the local planning authority (Hambleton) for examination. All Regulation 14 representations will be published on the Neighbourhood Plan website.

You will also have an opportunity to comment on the Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan during the Regulation 16 consultation which is carried out by the local planning authority.

If the Plan passes the examination procedure it will be the subject of a Referendum when the community will be asked whether the Plan is supported.

*** This is your Plan, and this is your opportunity to comment. Please participate in the consultation ***