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Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation Responses

The consultation submissions are set out below in 3 groups: statutory consultees responses, questionnaire responses, and other submissions made by email or letter.

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Responses have been received from the following Statutory Consultees

Questionnaire Responses

Responses to the questionaire include submissions from individuals, from clubs, from societies, and from organisations.

All questionnaire respondents said they have a connection with the Parish. The vast majority of responses are from residents and/or property owners.

Each submission has a unique reference number and can be downloaded as a separate file from the table below.

Responses 1 to 114 are published using SurveyMonkey's reporting format. Responses 115 to 136 were submitted by email or on paper.

Questionnaire Responses
Reg_14_Response Q001
Reg_14_Response Q002
Reg_14_Response Q003
Reg_14_Response Q004
Reg_14_Response Q005
Reg_14_Response Q006
Reg_14_Response Q007
Reg_14_Response Q008
Reg_14_Response Q009
Reg_14_Response Q010

Reg_14_Response Q011
Reg_14_Response Q012
Reg_14_Response Q013
Reg_14_Response Q014
Reg_14_Response Q015
Reg_14_Response Q016
Reg_14_Response Q017
Reg_14_Response Q018
Reg_14_Response Q019
Reg_14_Response Q020

Reg_14_Response Q021
Reg_14_Response Q022
Reg_14_Response Q023
Reg_14_Response Q024
Reg_14_Response Q025
Reg_14_Response Q026
Reg_14_Response Q027
Reg_14_Response Q028
Reg_14_Response Q029
Reg_14_Response Q030

Reg_14_Response Q031
Reg_14_Response Q032
Reg_14_Response Q033
Reg_14_Response Q034
Reg_14_Response Q035
Reg_14_Response Q036
Reg_14_Response Q037
Reg_14_Response Q038
Reg_14_Response Q039
Reg_14_Response Q040

Reg_14_Response Q041
Reg_14_Response Q042
Reg_14_Response Q043
Reg_14_Response Q044
Reg_14_Response Q045
Reg_14_Response Q046
Reg_14_Response Q047
Reg_14_Response Q048
Reg_14_Response Q049
Reg_14_Response Q050

Reg_14_Response Q051
Reg_14_Response Q052
Reg_14_Response Q053
Reg_14_Response Q054
Reg_14_Response Q055
Reg_14_Response Q056
Reg_14_Response Q057
Reg_14_Response Q058
Reg_14_Response Q059
Reg_14_Response Q060

Reg_14_Response Q061
Reg_14_Response Q062
Reg_14_Response Q063
Reg_14_Response Q064
Reg_14_Response Q065
Reg_14_Response Q066
Reg_14_Response Q067
Reg_14_Response Q068
Reg_14_Response Q069
Reg_14_Response Q070

Reg_14_Response Q071
Reg_14_Response Q072
Reg_14_Response Q073
Reg_14_Response Q074
Reg_14_Response Q075
Reg_14_Response Q076
Reg_14_Response Q077
Reg_14_Response Q078
Reg_14_Response Q079
Reg_14_Response Q080

Reg_14_Response Q081
Reg_14_Response Q082
Reg_14_Response Q083
Reg_14_Response Q084
Reg_14_Response Q085
Reg_14_Response Q086
Reg_14_Response Q087
Reg_14_Response Q088
Reg_14_Response Q089
Reg_14_Response Q090

Reg_14_Response Q091
Reg_14_Response Q092
Reg_14_Response Q093
Reg_14_Response Q094
Reg_14_Response Q095
Reg_14_Response Q096
Reg_14_Response Q097
Reg_14_Response Q098
Reg_14_Response Q099
Reg_14_Response Q100

Reg_14_Response Q101
Reg_14_Response Q102
Reg_14_Response Q103
Reg_14_Response Q104
Reg_14_Response Q105
Reg_14_Response Q106
Reg_14_Response Q107
Reg_14_Response Q108
Reg_14_Response Q109
Reg_14_Response Q110

Reg_14_Response Q111
Reg_14_Response Q112
Reg_14_Response Q113
Reg_14_Response Q114
Reg_14_Response Q115
Reg_14_Response Q116
Reg_14_Response Q117
Reg_14_Response Q118
Reg_14_Response Q119
Reg_14_Response Q120

Reg_14_Response Q121
Reg_14_Response Q122
Reg_14_Response Q123
Reg_14_Response Q124

Reg_14_Response Q125
Reg_14_Response Q126
Reg_14_Response Q127
Reg_14_Response Q128

Reg_14_Response Q129
Reg_14_Response Q130
Reg_14_Response Q131
Reg_14_Response Q132

Reg_14_Response Q133
Reg_14_Response Q134
Reg_14_Response Q135
Reg_14_Response Q136

Other Submissions made by Letter or Email

Eight letter or email submissions have been received (five commenting on the Plan and three as submissions of evidence):