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Rudby Parish Burial Board

Rudby Parish Council acts as the Burial Board for Rudby Burial Ground which is located next to All Saints Parish Church. The Burial Ground serves the parishes of Hutton Rudby, Middleton-on-Leven, Rudby, Sexhow and Skutterskelffe.

The Burial Board is responsible for the management and regulation of the Burial Ground. Responsibilities include setting of fees, regulations on usage, approval of headstones, and ensuring there is sufficient space to meet future needs.

Meetings of the Burial Board take place when necessary to consider Burial Ground matters and are usually held immediately before Parish Council meetings in the Chapel Schoolroom at 7:15pm on the 2nd Monday of the month. Burial Board matters may also be considered within Parish Council meetings.

Rudby Parish Burial Board Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees Effective From 15 November 2022
Interment of the body of a person less than 16 years of ageNo charge
Interment of the body of a person whose age exceeds 16 years£475.00
Interment of cremated remains£150.00
Reservation for exclusive right of burial£200.00
Reservation for exclusive right of burial (cremated remains)£120.00
Erection of a memorial headstone£120.00
Additional Inscription£80.00
Re-reservation of burial plots (after 15 years)£85.00
Re-reservation of cremation plots (after 15 years)£45.00

The Burial Board has agreed that non-residents connected to the Parish may be interred in the Parish Burial Ground. Double fees are charged for non-residents.

Contact Details for Rudby Parish Burial Board

For further information or to make arrangements please contact the Parish Council via Ms E Wiles or Send Clerk an Email

Ms E Wiles,
Tel: 07788 168211

Rudby Burial Ground Extension Project

The origins of the Burial Ground Extension project can be traced to the 1999 Village Design Statement which stated in policy CG5 that "Provision must be made within the next 10 years for additional burial ground space." While the need for additional space turned out to be less urgent than thought in 1999, the burial ground is now nearly full and more space will be needed within a few years. A Parish Council project is in progress to deliver the extra space for the Parish.

Photograph of All Saints Parish Church and the lych gate/>
                                <div id=Photograph of All Saints Parish Church Layout plan for the burial ground extension
Plan of burial ground extension and associated access
Photograph of the existing burial ground from the new extension
Photograph of Rudby Parish Burial Ground

In 2015 the Parish Council identifed an opportunity to purchase land adjacent to the burial ground, and intiated a project to purchase and develop the site.

In January 2016 the Parish Council allocated funds for a potential purchase of the additional land, entered into negotiations with the owner and applied for planning permission for the land outlined in red in the plan shown above.

After successfully obtaining planning permission on 22 June 2016, the Parish Council completed on the purchase and began developing the site for use as a burial ground.

Works carried our so far includes drainage works, erection of a perimeter fence, and grading the surface.

Further work which will be carried out over the next few years includes additional drainage works, regrading to make good any settlement of the site, seeding with grass, and planting of perimeter hedging.

Repairs to the boundary wall of the existing burial ground will be included in the project scope. This will create more space for cremation internment plots

The extension will be consecrated before being brought into use.