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** With effect from 10 August 2020, Rudby Parish Council resumed meetings at 7:15pm on the 2nd Monday of each month **


Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings by Zoom and can raise issues during the 'Meeting open to the public' agenda items. Instructions on how to connect are given below. Note that a new ID is assigned for each meeting.

Minutes and Agenda of Rudby Parish Council Monthly Meetings 2021
Month Agenda Minutes
Remote Meeting: 14 Dec 2020 Download 14 December Meeting Agenda Download 14 December Minutes

Download Broadacres Presentation

Remote Meeting: 11 Jan 2021 Download 11 January Meeting Agenda Download 11 January Minutes
Remote Meeting: 08 Feb 2021 Download 08 February Meeting Agenda Download 08 February Minutes
Remote Meeting: 17 Feb 2021 Download 17 February Meeting Agenda Download 17 February Minutes
Remote Meeting: 08 Mar 2021 Download 08 March Meeting Agenda Download 08 March Minutes
Remote Meeting: 12 Apr 2021 Download 12 April Meeting Agenda Download 12 April Minutes
Connection instructions for Zoom Parish Council Meetings

1) You need a smartphone, tablet or laptop on which you have installed Zoom. It is best to do this in advance if you have not already used Zoom on the device.
2) You need the meeting ID and password which are published in the agenda. Please note these change for each meeting.
3) To join the meeting, you can use this link to reach the Zoom Website.
4) When you connect to Zoom enter the meeting ID, click on Join, and then enter the password when requested. You will be held in a 'waiting room' until the administator is able to admit you. There may be a short delay if several people attempt to connect at the same time or if you attempt to join or rejoin after the meeting has started as the adminstrator is likely to be engaged in the business of the meeting.

1) The administrator may mute audio feeds of members of the public in attendance except during any 'open to the public' agenda items, but you will still be able to see and hear councillors.
2) If you want to speak during an 'open to the public' agenda item you will need to ensure that you unmute yourself so that you can be heard. The administrator cannot unmute you. Note you must unmute both the physical device you are using and the microphone control in your Zoom session.
3) The Parish Council request that members of the public enable their video feeds to facilitate the smooth running of any open to the public agenda items.
4) Disruptive behaviour may lead to a council decision to evict the participant concerned from the meeting.

This Zoom session incorporates the Annual Assemblies, the annual meeting of the Parish Council and the monthly meeting of the Parish Council.
Remote Meeting: Tues 4 May Download 04 May Meetings Agendas Download RPC Annual Meeting Minutes
Remote Meeting: 14 Jun 2021
Remote Meeting: 12 Jul 2021
Remote Meeting: 09 Aug 2021
Remote Meeting: 13 Sep 2021
Remote Meeting: 11 Oct 2021
Remote Meeting: 08 Nov 2021
Remote Meeting: 13 Dec 2021

Rudby Parish Council Archive (Minutes of Monthly Meetings from previous years)
Download 2011 Minutes Download 2012 Minutes Download 2013 Minutes Download 2014 Minutes Download 2015 Minutes
Download 2016 Minutes Download 2017 Minutes Download 2018 Minutes Download 2019 Minutes Download 2020 Minutes

Minutes and Agenda of Parish Annual Meetings 2019 (2020 Annual Meetings cancelled due to Covid)
Hutton Rudby Annual Meeting 04 May 2021 Download Hutton Rudby Agenda Download Hutton Rudby Minutes
Middleton Annual Meeting 04 May 2021 Download Middleton-on-Leven Agenda Download Middleton-on-Leven Minutes
Rudby & Skutterskelfe 04 May 2021 Download Rudby & Skutterskelfe Agenda Download Rudby & Skutterskelfe Minutes

Chairman's Reports to Annual Assemblies
2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Download Download Download Download No Meeting
Due to Covid

Rudby Parish Council - Annual Returns
(Most annual return documents prior to 2019/20 are scans of paper originals and may not be accessible to some users of assistive technologies)
Name of Document 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Notice of Public Rights Download Download Download Download Download
Annual Internal Audit Report Download Download Download Download Download
Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement Download Download Download Download Download
Section 2- Accounting Statement Download Download Download Download Download
Section 3- External Audit Report Download Download Download Download Download
Notice of Conclusion of Audit Download Download Download Download

Rudby Parish Council - Other Documents
Name of DocumentDownload Link
Community Speed Watch Project (CSW)Download
A Guide to becoming a Parish CouncillorDownload
Parish Council Trees - Arborist's Inspection Report 2019Download
RPC Protocol for Tree and Hedgerow ApplicationsDownload


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