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Flu Clinics at Village Hall 3rd & 10th October

Mowbray House Surgery will be carrying out flu clinics at the Village Hall on 3rd and 10th October from 8am to 4pm each day. Those attending have been asked to walk there if possible but nonetheless the car park is expected to be very busy.

If at all possible, please do not drive to the Village Hall on those days in order to avoid congestion in the car park and nearby roads.

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Rudby Parish Council

Embleton Farm & Paddocks End Development Leaflet

Rudby Parish Council & Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Statement

You may have received a promotional leaflet distributed by the promoters of a proposed development scheme at Embleton Farm and Paddocks End, or you may have seen discussion about it on social media. We are concerned that the leaflet makes references to the draft Neighbourhood Plan which could be misconstrued as support or approval for the scheme, and we are also concerned that the leaflet includes information which we think is likely to create confusion and concern among Parish residents.

These are key points about the proposed scheme which we would like to bring to your attention:

  • It has not been discussed with us and is not endorsed by us.
  • It is not compliant with the Parish draft Neighbourhood Plan policies in at least two major ways.
  • The scale of development is several times larger than is required to meet Parish needs.
  • The land is not allocated for development and the scheme does not fit with policies intended to allow small scale organic growth of villages.
  • A large scale scheme like this on unallocated land would be unlikely to be approved unless the applicant could demonstrate exceptional circumstances. We do not believe there are any exceptional circumstances which would justify this proposed development.

You can find more information about our view on these speculative proposals in a letter which has been distributed to the Neighbourhood Plan mailing list.

Download Letter sent to Neighbourhood Plan mailing list

RPC & NPSG Joint Statement on Broadacres Letter of 9 July 2020
RPC & NPSG Joint Statement on Broadacres Letter of 9 July 2020
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Broadacres Letter of 9 July 2020

Page 1 of Broadacres Letter of 9 July 2020
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NYCC Covid 19 Community Support Information Poster
NYCC Covid 19 Community Support Information Poster
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Contact details and opening hours for local Citizens Advice Service

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