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About Rudby Parish Council

Rudby Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to the community. Its work falls into three main areas:

Parish Councillors

Councillors stand for election to one of the four Parishes which makes up the Rudby Parish Council. The seats are allocated as follows:

Elections for all eleven Parish Councillors are held every four years with the next election due in May 2023.

Electors only have a vote for the Parish in which they are resident.

If there are insufficient candidates standing at an election to fill all seats, the vacant positions can be filled by co-option (appointments made by the Parish Council). Vacancies which arise at other times (e.g. when a Councillor resigns) can be filled by co-option or a by-election (if an election is requested by 10 electors of the particular Parish).

The Parish Clerk

The role of Clerk is to ensure that the Council as a whole conducts its business properly and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support to the Parish Council.

The Parish Clerk is an employee of the Parish Council and is not an elected position.

The Parish Clerk does not have a vote at Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council Meetings

The business of the Parish Council is conducted through public meetings.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings and can raise issues with the Parish Council under the 'meeting open to the public' agenda item.

Monthly Meetings

The Parish Council normally meets at 7:15pm on the second Monday of the month in The Hub.

Annual Meeting

This must be held during the month of May. It is the meeting where the Chairman for the next year is elected and any other appointments are made. Once this has been done the meeting continues like any other Parish Council meeting.

Annual Assemblies of the Parishes

Annual Assemblies are held for:

These are meetings where the Parish Council invite the public to hear reports from the Chairman, District and County Councillors. These are meetings of the electors of the Parishes and are not Parish Council meetings. Any Parish elector can raise issues at the relevant meeting.

Votes of the electors may be held at these meeting, but they are not binding on the Parish Council. Only those on the Electoral Roll for the particular Parish may vote at such meetings.

Community Events

Rudby Parish Council facilitates the following:

Parish Council Land and Facilities

Parish Council Services

Rudby Parish Council provide the following services and facilities

* The Burial Board covers the area of Rudby Parish Council and Sexhow Parish

Other Organisations

The Parish Council provides representatives to the following organisations: