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Trees for Tomorrow - A Rudby Parish Community Project

Winter 2020/21 Planting Progress Update

The Woodland Trust saplings duly arrived and the vast majority have now been planted; primarily on the bank behind the burial ground in Rudby and Middleton Church grounds. Due to Covid restrictions the number of people involved in the planting had to be restricted. Thanks to those helped.

Due to a couple of sites dropping out late on, there are some saplings still looking for a home. The saplings are in plugs rather than just bare roots and are between 150mm and 300mm tall. They come with guards and canes. There's a mixture of saplings still to plant - hazel, dogwood, pedunculate oak, silver birch, hawthorn, and a couple that have lost their labels.

If you can find a home for any of the surplus saplings please contact us by email at - the surplus saplings will be allocated on first come, first served basis.

Hopefully we'll be able to plant some larger trees in December/January.

Meetings remain cancelled until further notice due to COVID 19

The Parish Council is supporting a community tree planting programme across the Parish over the next few years

Informaton about the project can be found in the minutes of our meetings (see table below), and in this status report given to the Parish Council at their November 2019 meeting. Links to useful information on selecting trees are available at the bottom of this page.

To join our mailing list or for more information, please contact 'Trees for Tomorrow'  by email at

Or Send the Parish Clerk an Email

Latest News: 20-03-2020


Our meetings are normally held at 7pm in the Chapel Schoolroom, anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Trees For Tommorrow Meetings
3 December 2019 Download Agenda Download Minutes
17 December 2019 Download Agenda Download Minutes
20 January 2020 Download Agenda Download Minutes
26 February 2020 Download Agenda Download Minutes

How we got the beautiful trees lining our Village Green

140 years ago, a group of parishioners planted 31 trees on the Village Green and changed the look and feel of the village forever. Since the original planting, a few trees have had to be replaced due to Dutch Elm disease but most of the original trees remain largely intact.

Costs of the 19th century tree planting project were:

We all benefit from the actions of those 19th century parishoners. The Parish Council has initiated this project so that todays parishoners can leave a similar legacy for future generations.

What form of planting schemes could we use?

There are many forms of planting schemes that could be used including:

What types of trees should we plant?

It is anticipated that the trees planted will mainly be broad leaf native deciduous trees. Exceptions may be Yew trees in the new burial ground. Examples of suitable native deciduous species include:

Due to Dutch Elm disease and Ash die back, it is unlikely that Elm or Ash trees will be planted.

Horse Chestnut trees can suffer from Bleeding Canker and Leaf Blotch this does not seem to be as serious a problem as those for Elm and Ash trees.

Where could we plant trees?

There are many potential locations where trees could be planted (subject to owner's permission) either on publicly owned or privately owned land. Possible locations include:

Planting could take place anywhere in the Parish. It is hoped that members of the community will offer more suggestions. Identification of locations outside the village area, in Middleton, or in Skutterskelfe would be very welcome.

If you would like to suggest a potential location or if you are a landowner willing to allow planting on your land please get in touch.

What time of year should the trees be planted?

It is expected we will mainly use bare root plants between 1.25m to 2m tall. The best time to plant bare root stock is in the winter when the trees are dormant.

Who will be involved in the tree planting?

It is anticipated that community volunteers will help plant the trees to reduce costs. If you would like to help please contact the Parish Clerk

The Stokesley & Villages Climate Action Group have also offered to help with tree planting.

Contact details

To join our mailing list or for more information, please contact 'Trees for Tomorrow'  by email at

Or Send the Parish Clerk an Email

Information resources

Woodland Trust
Woodland Trust - Britih Trees to Plant in Your Garden
Garden Organic - Trees for Wildlife
RSPB - Best Trees for Gardens
National Rail - Tree Planting Guidance Treecharter Website
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